Handwoven Blueberry Cheesecake Scarf

Blueberry Cheesecake Handwoven Scarf by Kristina Smiley

Blueberry Cheesecake Handwoven Scarf by Kristina Smiley


I love to work with all types of fibers and attend the local Fiber Fest each year.  This year I decided to create special projects from my purchases and blog about the creative process involved in each.

For this project, I selected my fiber purchase from Wooly Knob.  My design is an infinity style scarf with a leather cuff.  I also decided to showcase the character of the handspun yarn made from the fiber by using my rigid heddle loom and weaving the scarf with an oatmeal wool as the warp.  I affectionately call this project my Blueberry Cheesecake Scarf because of the blue cotton thread that runs throughout the fiber.

In 2014 at Christmas, my wonderful hubby bought me an antique castle style wheel that I use for all of my spinning fun.  I still use my espinner that I purchased from Heavenly Handspinning on Etsy for plying since it has a larger oriface to ply thicker weight yarns.  I used both for this project, my wheel to spin the fiber and my espinner to Navajo ply the yarn.

Once spun and plyed, I measured the yarn with my yardage counter and then set the twist.  While the yarn was drying, I worked on the leather cuff.  All that was needed for this part of the process was to decide how large of leather piece and what shade I wanted to use and then apply snaps using my leatherworking tools.  I decided to put three snaps on the cuff.

After the yarn was dry, it was time to start weaving.  I used my 16" rigid heddle loom with a warp of 2 ply natural wool in a soft oatmeal color and a weft of my handspun blue and white art yarn.  The thick and thin nature of the spun yarn made a wonderfully unique pattern in the finished scarf. 

To complete my scarf, I sewed the ends together to create the infinity style and then snapped the cuff over the seam.  The scarf may be worn multiple ways, including doubled up and held together using the cuff.  This scarf is available for sale in my Etsy shop. http://www.CreativeEndeavorsKS.etsy.com

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