My Mitten Story


Cherry Red Snowball Convertible Fingerless Mittens by Kristina Smiley

Cherry Red Snowball Convertible Fingerless Mittens by Kristina Smiley.jpg

My convertible fingerless mittens are my most popular item and are still among my favorite items to make.  It all started with the Aran Fleck pair.  I opened my Etsy shop, CreativeEndeavorsKS, in October 2011 with crochet wire jewelry and a crochet handbag.  It didn't take long for me to realize that the jewelry market was oversaturated and that I needed to find something special.  I decided to go outside of my comfort level and create a pair of hand crocheted convertible mittens.  I listed my first pair of these mittens in November 2011 and they quickly became my best seller.

The next year, I started designing different styles of convertible mittens and introduced my signature snowball design with the white and grey ragg mittens.  These quickly started to gain in popularity to the point that I was selling more of them than my Aran Fleck.  That inspired me to start making them in different colors.

In January of 2014, a customer requested a bright cherry red in my snowball design and wanted boot cuffs to match.  I made her a pair with special decorative buttons and took a picture for myself in case I decided to add them to my shop.  In February 2014, I was contacted by the costume department of the TV show Believe.  They wanted red mittens so I showed them the pictures of the ones I made for my customer.  They purchased two pair of those mittens and I added them to my shop.  They are by far my most popular mittens to date. 

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