Sequoia Sunrise Handwoven Scarf

Sequoia Sunrise by Kristina Smiley.jpg

Another fun project from my wonderful finds at the Fiber Fest in Portland, Indiana.  This time I chose to use the turquoise and brown roving I purchased from one of my favorite vendors, Ronia Marie.

I started this project by spinning the roving on my wheel and then setting the twist of the singles.  I purchased two 8oz batts, but only used one for this scarf.  Spinning a consistent single gave me approximately 200 yards after Navajo plying.

While the yarn was drying from the twist setting process, I warped the loom with some acrylic yarn from Lion Brand. I wanted a longer scarf so I used an entire skein to warp the loom.

Once the handspun yarn was dry, I added some to my weaving shuttles and began to weave my scarf.  I noticed right away that the turquoise color was creating a lovely striping pattern.  This pattern continued throughout the length of the scarf to create a lovely design.

I wanted to continue with the nature them, so decided to add polished turquoise rocks to the scarf on each end and a leather strap stained with the same colors as the scarf and stamped with a nature theme.

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