Vivid Handwoven Scarf

Vivid Handwoven Scarf by Kristina Smiley.jpg

A vivid handwoven scarf made from roving I purchased from Sassy Bee Fibers at the local Fiber Fest.

For this project, I decided to simpy ply the two singles together instead of using the Navajo plying process.  This gave me more yardage so I had plenty of yarn for the scarf and enough left over to make another piece.

I used my antique castle style wheel to spin my Polworth after splitting the braid in half.  Once completely spun, I used my Vespera espinner to ply the two singles together.

When deciding which yarn to use to warp the loom, I looked through my yarn inventory to see what I had that would give the scarf the look I wanted while still maintaining the stability needed to provide for proper tension on the loom.  I decided to use some Polyester yarn that I had purchased a couple of years ago without any project in mind.  The yarn used is white with a grey thread plyed into it.  

To finish this scarf, I decided to keep the fringe a bit longer than I typically like and hemstitch each end.

This scarf is available for purchase in my Etsy shop, CreativeEndeavorsKS.