PDF Pattern Knit: Brickyard Sleeveless Summer Tee

PDF Pattern Knit: Brickyard Sleeveless Summer Tee


Brickyard is a two-color open shoulder keyhole style summer tee with Garter Stitch and Checkerboard Mesh stitch patterns. This top is worked flat in two pieces and then seamed together.

Since I was a young child, I have always been fascinated with the Indy Cars and the Indianapolis 500. I grew up in Indiana and was raised in the town of Winchester with the Winchester Speedway, known as the “oldest 1/2 mile track”, where many drivers get their start in racing. 

My favorite race by far is the Indianapolis 500, which is ran around the same time as my birthday and even on it when my birthday falls on a Sunday. In elementary school, I had the opportunity to go to the track during the time trials and watch the cars from the suite of a local businessman.

For my 16th birthday, we were planning to have a dance. My father had the stereo and speakers set up. That year my birthday fell on a Sunday, not just any Sunday either. It was race day. We found a station that was airing the race. I really enjoyed listening to the race with my dad more than I ever would have enjoyed dancing.

I chose to name this design Brickyard to represent the famous brickyard at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The black and white colors used are meant to replicate the checkered flag that symbolizes the crossing of the finish line by the winner of the race.

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