Cherry Red Snowball Convertible Fingerless Mittens

Cherry Red Snowball Convertible Fingerless Mittens


I designed these mittens as a special order for the costume designer for use on the TV show Believe.

These Cherry Red Glittens give you the freedom to open doors, push buttons, or grip the steering wheel of your vehicle. The custom mitten top features two rows of snowball shaped stitches and are held to the base of the mitten with a decorative button, giving the mittens a stylish look.

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Total Length including Mitten Top: 11 1/2 " (approx. 29 cm)
Total Length with Mitten Top Buttoned: 8" (approx. 20 cm)
Ribbing: 3" (approx. 7.5 cm)
Total Length around base of mitten [wrist area]: 8" (approx. 20 cm)
Thumb length: 3" (approx. 7.5 cm)
Thumb circumference: 3 1/2 " (approx. 9 cm)

The mittens are made to fit most average sized women and can be made to fit smaller or larger hands. Simply contact me with your measurements for the perfect fit. 

These mittens are machine washable. Lay them flat to dry. 

Please Note: The finished product that you will receive will be slightly different to those pictured above due to the variegated nature of the yarn used. Also note that the buttons used may differ slightly from those pictured.